Day 19 of Walk all over Cancer – Lockdown, a walk in Bedgebury. Todays steps: 13,476. Monthly total: 264,110.

Todays walk is in Bedgebury following almost lockdown as part of our fundraising for Walk all Over Cancer raising money for Cancer Research. Feel free to use this guide, but a donation to the cause would be gratefully received.

Today I repeated my regular Bedgebury walk. The weather was drizzly, and Boris had closed the schools due to Covid-19. I had one of my daughters with me. The country isn’t officially on lockdown yet, but it feels it is close. Little Dottie dog who lives on the edge of Bedgebury needed a walk, and I needed to get my steps in. However I wasn’t feeling imaginative to find somewhere new to explore. Today, unusually, walking was a chore that had to be done. However thanks to doing this challenge, I got out there and got my 10,000 steps in. My daughter and I then got a few more steps in when we walked to the shops later, even if the shelves were bare. Strange things are happening all over the world.

Tomorrow will be a better day and I will try to plan a new walking location or route.