The Dog Owner Training School runs a range of online dog training courses. 

Top 5 reasons why online learning is the future.

  1. The whole family can be on board. Everyone can watch the videos at a time that is convenient to them. No one is getting second hand information.
  2. Many dogs (and owners) struggle to focus in a class environment. By learning online you can start off the exercises at home then add in distractions when you are ready for them. Watch the videos without trying to keep your dog under control in a class environment. 
  3. Can’t quite remember how to do the exercise? You can re-watch the videos as often as you like.
  4. Post videos of your dog performing the exercise in real life on the private Facebook group for feedback. I often hear clients say the dog behaves completely differently out of class, You can show me what problems you are really having, and I can offer you guidance.
  5. You keep the videos for life. If your dog starts pulling on the lead again, or running off, you can rewatch the videos whenever you need to.


No embarrassing video calls required for our online courses! Watch the videos (and ask for feedback if required) at a time convenient to you. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with internet to log in and access the videos. 

Online dog training is a great alternative to group training classes.

Dog Trainer in Your Pocket

Dog Trainer in Your Pocket is our system of making sure you get the right amount of support and personalised feedback for you. Choose to have your dog trainer check in with you daily, weekly or not at all by phone, email, Whatsapp or messenger. Record videos of your training sessions if you want to. Contact your trainer 24/7. Recieve personalised advice and suggestions of extra exercises taylored to you.