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 No-one walks their dog round a village hall, so why train your dog there. The hussle and bustle of a group class can be likened to trying to get a child to concentrate on maths at a birthday party. 

Our training courses focus on training in a true to life situation. Your tutor can be contact via email, phone, text or WhatsApp at a time convenient to you. 


K9 Cadets

A course for kids who love dogs. Teach your dog some simple tricks. Cook treats your dog wont be able to resist. Make dog themed craft activities. Learn all about dogs. Play fun games with your dog. 


21 Day to Loose Lead Dreams

Does a tight lead take the enjoyment out of your walks? Feel like one arm is longer than the other? Fed up of walks being a tug of war? 21 Days to Loose Lead Dreams is an intensive course that helps you go back to enjoying walks with your dog again. 

Practical Puppy

A puppy training course with a difference. Teach your puppy as part of your daily routine in the environment in which you live. Very different from dog training drills in a busy class held in a village hall. Includes full support from your trainer. 


21 Days to Off Lead Freedom

Want to give your dog the freedom to be off the lead, but not sure how to start? Does your dog go deaf the minute the lead is removed? In this intensive course you will learn how to keep your dog safe while they enjoy some off lead freedom.

K9 Companions

Looking for new ways to interact with your dog? K9 Companions contains fun games and activities to help reinforce good behaviour in your dog.

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