21 Days to Loose Lead Dreams

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  • Last Update October 20, 2020


21 Days to Loose Lead Dreams

Are walks a nighmare? Feel like one arm is longer than the other? 21 days to loose lead dreams is a step by step plan to help make walks a pleasure again. 

Module 1: Before you get started

Everything you need to know before you get started including what equipment to use, how to reward your dog, use of different environments and where to find support when you need it. 

Module 2: The exercises

A run through of the different exercises that we will be using in the plan.

Module 3: The Plan

A 21 day step by step plan to help you achieve your loose lead dreams. 

Laura Carter


Laura has been working with and training dogs for over 10 years. Within this time she has worked with a wide range of different breeds. 

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What Will I Learn?

  • Teach your dog to walk on a loose lead.

Topics for this course

37 Lessons

Before you get started

Training mode and leisure mode02:45
Being consistent
How the plan works

Combi-course information

The exercises

The plan


Material Includes

  • Online written material and videos


  • This course is for people who are committed to doing a training task every day.

Target Audience

  • Pet owners.