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  • Last Update March 18, 2021


Part of the family Free puppy training course

Bringing home your new bundle of joy can often turn to regret when they start biting the family, chewing your furniture, weeing on the carpet and refusing to sleep. In this free puppy training course learn how to overcome these issues and help your puppy adjust to their new life with you. This course compliments our online puppy training
free puppy training

Welcome to the Dog Owner Training School

Find out more about Laura Carter, your tutor, and what we offer at the Dog Owner Training School. 

Part of the family

Watch one video a day for 5 days and find out how to live in harmony with your puppy. This free puppy training course includes information on house training, play biting, feeding, sleeping and playing.  

Laura Carter

Laura Carter


Laura has been proffessionally training puppies for over 10 years. She qualified as a Puppy School Tutor in 2010 before then becoming acredited to teach the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award. 

Laura has raised 3 puppies of her own including Bear the Jack Russell, Siri the Dalmatian and Emba the pom x chi. 

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to live in harmony with your puppy.
  • Information on house training
  • Find out how much sleep your puppy needs and how to schedule it into your day.
  • Make feeding times more fun
  • Use playtime to teach new skills
  • Stop your puppy from play biting.
  • Teach your puppy to settle calmly when you need them to.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Welcome to part of the family

Meet your tutor – Laura Carter00:02:03
How to get help when you need it
Practical Puppy – online puppy training00:02:53
Video 1 – Feeding and setting a routine00:09:46
Video 2 – Sleep00:04:40
Video 3 – play and biting00:10:15
Video 4 – Calm time00:05:54
Video 5 – toilet training00:10:33
free puppy training

Material Includes

  • A daily video for 5 days
  • Full support and help from a qualified dog trainer.

Target Audience

  • New puppy owners
  • Puppy owners who may be struggling with life with a new puppy.