K9 Companions

  • Last Update December 23, 2020


K9 Companions 

Looking for new ways to interact with your dog? K9 Companions contains fun games and activities to help reinforce good behaviour in your dog. 

K9 companions

Module 1: Before you get started

Everything you need to know before you get started including where to find support when you need it.

Module 2: Walkies

4 games to play on your walks that will help improve loose lead walking, recall and focus. 

Module 3: Dinner Time

4 games to play at meal times that will help with manners around food, self control and distractions in other situations.

Module 4: Sofa Skills

4 games to play with your dog when you are relaxing on the sofa that will help with general manners round the house.

Module 5: Busy, Busy

A collection of 15 plus videos of enrichment ideas to entertain your dog while you are busy. 

Laura Carter

Laura Carter


Laura has been working with and training dogs for over 10 years. Within this time she has worked with a wide range of different breeds. 

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Topics for this course

37 Lessons

Before you get started

Meet your tutor00:00:00
Important, please read


Sofa Skills

Dinner Time

Busy, busy?

This is a bonus section including a library of enrichment ideas to keep your dog busy. Videos in this section may be found elsewhere for free publicity purposes.
K9 companions

Material Includes

  • Over 20 online videos.
  • Unlimited support and expert advice via WhatsApp, phone or email.

Target Audience

  • Pet dog owners looking for new ways to interact with their dog