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Little Barkers

Do you have a small breed dog that likes to bark on walks?

This short course will help you with a simple stress free strategy to reduce barking on walks. It will require you to follow the step by step instructions on every walk, and this may include changes to your regular routine. 

Please feel free to contact me prior to purchasing the course to find out if it is suitable for you and your dog – Laura.

Welcome to the Dog Owner Training School

Everything you need to know before you get started including  where to find support when you need it. 

Part 1: Stop walks

Barking on walks is extremely stressful for both the dogs and their owners. Part 1 involves having a ‘stress free holiday’ at home, stopping walks and learning some of the basics needed for part 2. 

Part 2: A plan for outside

Once the basics in part 1 have been mastered, and both you and your dog are feeling less stressed, then walks can be restarted. Part 2 is all about working with your dog so that barking is a last resort. 

Bonus: Keeping your dog busy at home

Part 1 of the plan requires you to stop walks to allow your dog to de-stress. Here are some ideas to keep your dog entertained at home. 

Laura Carter

Laura Carter


Laura has been working with and training dogs for over 10 years. Within this time she has worked with a wide range of different breeds. 

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Welcome to the Dog Owner Training School

  • Meet your tutor
  • Support
  • Important – please read

Part 1 – Stop walks

Part 2 – A plan for outside

Bonus -Keeping your dog busy at home

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