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The Social Puppy
The Social Puppy

Most owners want a puppy that is sociable. One that is happy to mix with humans and dogs without any problems. However it is easy for this to go wrong and an owner ends up with a dog who is fearful. An over excited, out of control dog can be just as big a problem too. The social puppy is all about teaching you the right way to get a happy confident, yet under control, dog.

Socialisation is defined as “the process whereby an individual learns to adjust to a group (or society) and behave in a manner approved by the group (or society)”. Most people would agree a dog running up and attacking other dogs would be deemed socially unacceptable. Most owners would agree that they don’t want their dog to do this.

However, how about the ‘friendly’ dog that runs around in the park making a nuisance of itself, jumping up at people and bouncing on other dogs trying to get them to play? This dog is just as socially unacceptable, especially to a person with young children and a frail elderly dog. Yet by not carefully managing a puppy’s early socialisation, many owners end up creating this behaviour in their dog.

The Social Puppy is all about creating a dog who likes to play appropriately with other dogs yet remains under control. He knows how to greet people and dogs on and off the lead.

All the exercises are designed to be incorporated into your daily walks, however DOTS runs socialisation sessions that work in conjunction with this course. These have an additional charge. Please contact us for availability.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the correct way to socialise your puppy

Course Content

The Social Puppy

  • Learning to speak dog
  • Embrace the 5 senses
  • ‘But he is friendly’
  • Play
  • Development stages
  • Calmness is key

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