Your New Puppy

  • Last Update July 2, 2020


So you bring your new puppy home. What happens now?

It can be quite daunting having a new member of the household. This short course covers everything you need to know to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Everything is covered from bringing your new puppy home, to house training and play biting. Whether you are yet to bring your new addition home, or you already have them but are having a few problems, this course is for you.

Trainer Laura Carter is on hand to help answer any specific issues and offer additional help tailored to you. Help can be via email, WhatsApp or phone. Dog Owner Training School also has a private Facebook group where you can talk to other puppy owners.

Dog Owner Training School also organises group walks and in person training 1-2-1’s and group classes. These take place in Hawkhurst, Kent and occur an additional charge. New events are posted on our Facebook page.

This mini course works in conjunction with our online puppy training programme or as a stand alone tool. Teaching your puppy to walk on a lead, come when called and other skills are all covered within our separate puppy training course that can be accessed here

Topics for this course

18 Lessons

Your New Puppy

NEW: For the book worms!
Are you ready?
NEW – Car travel problems
The journey home
The first day
The first night00:08:07
NEW – Play, traIn, settle routine00:15:26
House training
Toy swapping game00:06:07
Jumping up
Tiring out your puppy
Updated: Play biting00:08:45
Teaching your puppy to settle00:04:01
Chewing and picking up items00:00:00
Collars, leads and harnesses00:00:00
Should I go to puppy classes?
Online Puppy Training