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In order to take this course you MUST have completed the Dog School course (or former Bronze) with the Dog Owner Training School, OR have passed your Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award or IMDT partnership level 1.

Terms and conditions

  • No refunds for missed classes (including bitches coming into season). Each week you will get access to videos demonstrating all the exercises we cover in class. These can also be used to catch up on any classes you are unable to make. We can also chat on the phone if you have any questions.
  • Classes will be cancelled if I feel the weather is detrimental to learning (ie heavy rain, extreme heat etc). Extra sessions will be added onto the end of the course to make up for any that have been cancelled. In the event of a class being cancelled I will notify everyone 45 minutes before the class start time.
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This is an 8 week course which includes the IMDT level 2 partnership award. We will build on the exercises covered in Dog School / Kennel Club Bronze Award.

There is a maximum of 4 dogs per class. Each week you will get online videos of the exercises that we cover in class.

Additional information


Gills Green (between Hawkhurst and Cranbrook) OUTSIDE

Start date and time

Thursday 8th September. 10.30am