Dog School


Do you have a new rescue dog, or an adult dog that needs training?

Dog School is the first step in your training journey which includes everything you need to know for making sure your dog becomes the best behaved in the neighbourhood.

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This course is suitable for all breeds of all ages (although I recommend dogs under 6 months do Puppy Training first)

All dogs will be required to wear a harness with a lead attachment ring on the middle of the chest, and another between the shoulders. I fit and sell the Perfect Fit harnesses if you require one, but there are other brands available on the market. You will also be required to have a treat bag and double ended training lead. Dogs will be taught using food and toys as rewards.

The 8 week training course costs £160 and includes:

  • 8 x 1 hour group classes with a maximum of 4 dogs per class. Small, friendly classes ensure plenty of time for personal feedback and support.
  • Personalized video tutorials to work on at home following each class so you know exactly what you need to work on. A great way to ensure family members who may be unable to attend can still get involved with the training.

The course covers:

  • Responsibility and care – everything you need to know about owning a dog and being a responsible owner including dog law, the canine code, a dogs needs and signs of illness.
  • Teach your dog to walk calmly on a loose lead on their own, and in a group of other dogs and people.
  • Teach your dog to walk calmly and under control through a gate or doorway.
  • Teach your dog to stay in one place for 1 minute. Really useful while you run and grab a towel after a muddy walk.
  • Teach your dog to stand still while your brush them and do a basic health check. Essential for trips to the vets and groomers.
  • Teach your dog to instantly come back to you when they are off the lead.

As part of the course you have the option to do the  IMDT Partnership level 1 Award.

Terms and conditions

  • No refunds for missed classes (including bitches coming into season). Each week you will get access to videos demonstrating all the exercises we cover in class. These can also be used to catch up on any classes you are unable to make. We can also chat on the phone if you have any questions.
  • Classes will be cancelled if I feel the weather is detrimental to learning (ie heavy rain, extreme heat etc). Extra sessions will be added onto the end of the course to make up for any that have been cancelled. In the event of a class being cancelled I will notify everyone 45 minutes before the class start time.