Group Puppy Training Class


Do you want to ensure your new puppy grows into a problem free dog?

Confused about all the conflicting information you have read online about training your puppy?

Many dogs are submitted to rescue when they reach 6 months because they become unruly teenagers who are too much for their owners to handle. At this age, your cute puppy will grow in confidence, fueled by hormones. This can cause them to disappear on walks, pull on the lead and become challenging around the home.

The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award is the first step in the Good Citizen Scheme journey which includes everything you need to know for making sure your puppy becomes the best behaved dog in the neighbourhood.

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This course is suitable for all breeds under a year old.

The course will be held outside, so please dress for the weather.

In the event of bad weather (heavy rain, extreme heat) or covid restrictions the class will be transferred to Zoom.

All puppies will be required to wear a harness with a lead attachment ring on the middle of the chest, and another between the shoulders. I fit and sell the Perfect Fit harnesses if you require one, but there are other brands available on the market. You will also be required to have a treat bag and double ended training lead. Puppies will be taught using food and toys as rewards.

The 8 week training course costs £160 and includes:

  • 8 x 1 hour group classes with a maximum of 4 dogs per class. Small, friendly classes ensure plenty of time for personal feedback and support.
  • Personalized video tutorials to work on at home following each class so you know exactly what you need to work on. A great way to ensure family members who may be unable to attend can still get involved with the training.
  • A Kennel Club Certificate and Rosette on completion of the course.

The course covers:

  • Responsibility and care – everything you need to know about owning a puppy and being a responsible owner including dog law, recognition of basic health issues, chewing, house training and avoiding separation issues.
  • Teaching your puppy to respond to their name no matter what they are up to.
  • Learn how to play with your puppy, and how play can be used to overcome many common puppy problems.
  • Discover the correct way to socialize your puppy with other dogs, people, and various sounds.
  • Teach your puppy to be happy to be handled all over in preparation for the vets and the groomers
  • Discover how to safely let your puppy off the lead on walks, and how to ensure they come back immediately when you call
  • Teach your puppy to sit, lie down and go into a stand.
  • Ensure your puppy walks on a loose lead. An adult dog who pulls on the lead really spoils a walk.
  • Teach your puppy to stay in one place for 10 seconds. Essential for getting a towel when you come back from a muddy walk.
  • Learn how to take an item away from your puppy when they have picked up something they shouldn’t have. Knowing how to drop is also essential when playing fetch.
  • Teach your puppy manners around food so they don’t snatch or grab.