Everything you need for life with a new puppy


At the Dog Owner Training School we run three courses for new Puppy Owners. The 6 week Puppy Training course covers everything obedience related – from getting your puppy to walk on a loose lead, to making sure they come when called.

Your New Puppy is a mini course filled with information on house training, play biting and much more.

The Social Puppy -Teaching you the right way to socialise your puppy, with online or group class options. Special Offer!

Buy Puppy Training and Your New Puppy, and get The Social Puppy for FREE!!!ust £10

Your New Puppy

This mini online course focuses all you need to know when you have a new puppy in the house. It includes a mixture of videos, written information and help sheets. 

The course includes information on:

– Are you ready? The journey home. The first day and the first night

– House training

– Toy swapping game

– Jumping up

– Tiring out your puppy

– Play biting

– Teaching your puppy to settle

– Chewing and picking up items

– Socialisation

– And more…

All this for just £20! 

All this for just £10

Puppy Training


Our course is for people who are serious about working on the training element of their dogs education – getting a dog who comes back every time when called, walks under control on the lead and all the other core exercises. This of course all comes with an element of fun too with exercises to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy, so they want to follow your every word.

Our 6 week online training programme with full personalised support costs £60

The Social Puppy 

 Many people attend puppy classes to socialise and train their pup, but come away with limited skills in either. The Social Puppy is an online course with the option of group meet ups to lean the right way to socialise your pup. All the skills can be practiced on your normal daily walks if you are unable to attend our group sessions. 

Learn how to have a dog who is happy to play and interact with dogs and people, but can also ignore them and listen to you!

The online material for this course costs just £25. Puppy meet up’s cost an additional £5 and are held in Hawkhurst, Kent. 

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Training tailored to you

 At the Dog Owner Training School learning starts of at home. Register for the online puppy training package and you will get a 6 week training programme to learn the skills to teach all the basics. If you need to take longer to complete the programme thats fine, you have access to the course materials for life. 

Each week you will get a series of videos on teaching mat work, drop, handling, loose lead walking, recall, sit/stand/down and food manners through an online platform. You also get a PDF training sheet for each exercise. Laura, your trainer, is on hand via email, phone or WhatsApp to answer any questions you may have as you work through the videos. The whole family can get involved in watching the videos, and you can replay them as many times as you like. 

With the 6 week online program you also get Dog Trainer In Your Pocket – our online support system. You pick a day and a frequency in which Laura, your trainer, will contact you by email, WhatsApp or phone to review your progress and offer feedback.

If you need further support, face to face 1-2-1 sessions can be booked with Laura for an additional charge. These will be held in Hawkhurst, Kent.


Start off at home with minimal distractions for most effective training

Train around your daily routine

Full help and support

Access to the course materials for life

The course includes…

Settle on a mat

Sit, stand and down



Lead walking

Food manners