Help: My dog pulls!

Having a dog who pulls on the lead is exhausting. The constant strain on your arm and shoulder, and the embarrassment of not having full control when out. 

What you get at the Dog Owner Training School

“Laura has been involved with my dogs for the past 8 years.  She has helped me with my previous rescue, helped train my next two rescues, and I have taken forward her teachings to my recent rescue dog.  

Laura is innovative, enthusiastic, kind, generous and has a can-do attitude.  I have learned a lot from her.  I enjoyed her classes which she made fun but informative.  She is helpful, positive and listens.

I would fully recommend Laura in anything she does as she always tackles it with enthusiasm and positivity” K. Sztyber

Pre-recorded demonstration videos

Pre-recorded videos that you can watch and re-watch at a time convenient to you. Perfect to help you achieve your loose lead walking dreams

Keep on track with regular emails

Life gets in the way. Regular emails direct to your inbox help you keep on track with your training 

As much support as you want.

We get it, everyone is different. Choose between self paced learning, face to face sessions or online zoom classes. 

Training in your own environment

Learn in the environment where you and your dog need the training to work. Teaching loose lead walking in a village hall is a very different experience to building the training into your daily walks.

A course the whole family can get involved with

It can be difficult to get everyone who walks your dog together at the same time to learn how to make changes to your dogs behaviour. The online training is accessible to the whole family when it is convenient to them. 

Offline learning materials

As part of the 21 day plan you will recieve a paper training diary in the post. 

Watching the online videos is just one of the steps to training your dog, and the paper training diary helps keep you on track and record your progress.

“As soon as I started training, I felt reassured that Cid’s problem could be overcome.  In fact I didn’t feel alone with the problem anymore.  I felt I could go to Laura and ask for advice when struggling” H.Jobson

FAQ for Loose Lead Walking

There is no such thing as a silly question. Feel free to contact me

What is included in the free mini course?

The mini course contains a series of 5 videos that address some of the main issues and solutions for dogs that pull on the lead. 

It is the perfect way for you to try the online learning experience at no cost. 

How does the 21 Day plan work?

The 21 day plan gives you a daily task to complete with your dog. It works on teaching the 2 different types of leadwork – leisure mode for when you can give your dog some freedom, and training mode for when they need to be right next to your leg. 

The online training includes a series of pre-recorded videos demonstrating each exercise. As part of the plan you will also receive a bonus email with the daily task, and a paper training diary to help you track your progress. 

Tell me more about Laura Carter and the Dog Owner Training School

Laura has been proffessionally helping owners train thir pet dogs for over 10 years. She is registered with the Kennel Club to run the Good Citizen Awards from Puppy to Gold. 

Laura lives in Kent with her twin daughters, 4 dogs, 3 cats, tortoises, chickens and a goose called Sam. 

What breeds/ age of dog is this suitable for?

This course is suitable for all ages and breeds of dog. 

However if you have a dog who is less than a year old with no previous training, I would reccomend you first complete the Practical Puppy course. 

My dog barks and lunges at other dogs on walks, will the 21 day plan help?

No. This course is designed for dogs that pull on the lead because they want to get to where they are going fast. 

Dogs who lunge and bark at other dogs require a dfferent kind of training plan not covered in the 21 Days to Loose Lead Dreams course.