Top dog Owners Club


Subscription to the club is £20 per month and you are free to cancel anytime.


Do you want to be a Top Dog Owner, then join the club! The place to be for dog owners all over the world.

Being a dog owner can at times leave you wondering where to go for the best advice and information. Dog training classes often don't cover what to do in every day situations, vets have limited knowledge on dog behaviour and the internet is full of conflicting advice from a range of different sources.

"The Top Dog Owner Club ensures you have the tools to enrich your dogs day to day life through training and play, and prevent problems from occurring. It gives you the reassurance you are providing the best possible care for your dogs mental wellbeing"

The Top Dog Owners Club gives you access to your own dog trainer when you need one.

Members get:

  • An exclusive 12 page Wagazine through the door full of top tips and advice on the topic of the month.
  • Access to a monthly Zoom question and answer session where members email in questions.
  • Training exercise of the month that can be used in many different situations.
  • Access to the video library that contains fun games to play with your dog, top tips and solutions to every day problems.