Educating You and Your Dog Online

Top 5 reasons why online learning is the future.

 – The whole family can be on board. Everyone can watch the videos at a time that is convenient to them. No one is getting second hand information.

 – Many dogs (and owners) struggle to focus in a class environment. By learning online you can start off the exercises at home then add in distractions when you are ready for them. Watch the videos without trying to keep your dog under control in a class environment.

– Can’t quite remember how to do the exercise? You can re-watch the videos as often as you like. 

– You keep the videos for life. If your dog starts pulling on the lead again, or running off, you can rewatch the videos whenever you need to.

– Full support via WhatsApp, email or phone whem you need it. 


K9 Cadets

A fun programme of activities to keep kids and dogs busy. Get the whole family involved in K9 Cadets. The course is aimed a children aged 5 – 11 (younger children will require help with some of the activities). 

COOK dog treats for your fury friend

MAKE dog related craft activities

TRAIN your dog to do fun tricks

PLAY games with your dog

LEARN more about your dog including different breeds, how dogs learn, how dogs communicate and more. 

30 activities (6 x each of Cook, Make, Train, Play and Learn) and you get access to the course videos for life. Only one course purchase required per family no matter how many children you have taking part. 

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Practical Puppy

Primary School is where a formal education starts for children. Children progress from the informal atmosphere of a play group to focusing more on reading, writing and maths. This is like the transformation from Puppy Training up to Dog School. 

In Dog School we re-visit the exercises taught in Puppy Training, but in a more formal manner. The course is also suitable for dogs who haven’t had any previous training. Students learn the process of how to teach their dog something new, and how to break it down into steps. Being older, the dogs are able to retain more information and are able to focus better. The course covers walking on a loose lead, coming back when called, stay, handling and other exercises needed in daily life.

On completion of the 8 week course you have the option to take the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award assessment. During the course you have the option to do the IMDT partnership award level 1. 

Maximum of 4 dogs and their owners per class to allow for individual help when required.

You will have access to an online video library where you can watch the exercises covered in class. This is a great way to get the whole family involved in training, including those unable to attend classes.

Support between classes via WhatsApp, phone or email when you need it. 

Dog School is suitable for all dogs of all ages, including those with no previous training. However I reccomend that dogs under six months do the puppy course first.  

21 Days to Loose Lead Dreams

Do you struggle to get your dog to walk on a Loose Lead?

Feel you have done a full arm work out trying to keep your dog under control?

This course will help you achieve your loose lead dreams in 21 days.

This course is for people who are serious and committed to achieve results. Every day for the 21 days you will have a task to complete. The loose lead daily task will help mentally tire your dog. It is important that you get everyone who walks your dog involved with the course. The online plan and videos can be accessed at your convenience. You have access to the online material contained within the course for life. Therefore any time in the future, if you find bad habits creeping back in, you can access the material to re-do the 21 day plan.

The course covers the two different types of loose lead walking. Leisure mode is for when you and your dog go for a leisurely stroll together. It gets you in tune with each other, like enjoying a walk with a friend. Leisure mode should make up most of your walks. In contrast Training mode is where your dog walks beside your leg. It is great for busy areas where you need to keep your dog close

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21 Days to Off Lead Freedom

Are you worried about letting your dog off the lead on walks?

Fed up of your dog ignoring you when the lead is removed?

This is the course for you.

21 Days to Off Lead Freedom is so much more than just teaching your dog to come back to you when you call. It is about getting your dog to want to stay close to you and not stray from your sight. The course covers how use a long line to keep your dog safe, teaching your dog to come back using both a whistle and your voice as well as fun games to encourage your dog to stay close.

“Laura’s support has been invaluable in producing a happy dog who is well on the way to being a delight inside and out, on and off the lead, despite not being the easiest breed.  She’s patient and creative, and is able to adapt her approach and advice to the preferences of individual owners and dogs.  There are many dog training resources out there, some good, some perhaps less so, but Laura’s non-judgemental approach and willingness to engage directly with specific challenges stand out.” Mrs Moriarty

Please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call to have a chat before committing to any of my training options. Not all trainers are the same so it is important to find someone who you feel comfortable working with.

07548 880298 WhatsApp / text / phone

(if no answer please leave a message and I will call you back. I only take calls when in the privacy of my office – you wont find me taking business calls when shopping in Tesco!)

Personalized help and support

Every dog and owner is different, which is why we put together a training plan that works for you. 





Training that is simple to follow

Each training exercise is broken down into simple, easy to follow steps.

Email, phone and WhatsApp support between sessions

Its a bit like having a dog training in your pocket. Whether you book a home visit, group class or sign up to train online, you are welcome to contact the trainer for support between sessions when you need it.  

Family friendly training

The whole family is welcome to get involved with the training experience. Ask about K9 Cadets – our training programme for children.

A positive training experience for owners and dogs.

Positive, reward based training is used with both the dogs and their owners. Leave each session feeling optimistic with new ideas.

Training that works in real life

Training in a village hall is very different to being out in the real world. Our training is designed to work where you need it to.

“Excellent training programme. The videos are so informative, and full of advice. The benefit of having an online training programme means you can keep watching the videos time and again, and work at yours and your puppy’s pace, without feeling under pressure.

Laura is the fountain of all knowledge, who absolutely loves dogs, and is always available for a chat, and to offer advice when needed” G. Gasson